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Full-time Mathematics Teacher Certified


Mathematics 029 7–12 of which expires in July of 2017 in CT, 14 years of experience in the teaching field.


  • Successful and self confident in classroom presentation and oral communication skills.
  • Strong practical and theoretical background in developing and selecting training materials.
  • Proven effectiveness in program design and implementation.
  • Provisionally certified in Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Statistical modeling,
  • Technical Skills in Networking, PC configuration, Database Management.
  • Organized, detail-oriented written communication, data entry, and typing skills.


2009-2014        Driving School Instructor        Stamford, CT  06905

  • Certified Classroom and Behind the Wheel Instructor for Teens and Adults
  • High Ridge Driving School Instructor for over 200 students who passed the CDL requirements.

2008-2009        Limousine Chauffeur            Bridgeport, CT  06604

  • Public Service Certified Driver for Red Dot Limousine Service for all TriState airports and NYC
  • Expert knowledge of area hotels and airports, safety conscious customer service, professional.

2005-2009        Self Employed Consultant        Hamden, CT  06514

  • Mortgage, Insurance and Financial Planner
  • Contracted with Keystone Bankers to offer mortgage products.
  • Contracted with Affiliated Mortgage Protection to offer insurance products and services.

2005-2005        Norwalk Public Schools            Norwalk, CT  06852

  • Curriculum Development Specialist/Teacher
  • Instructor for four sections of Geometry B and Consumer Math for at risk students.
  • Developed the Geometry curriculum to include activities available for individual education programs for multiple levels of learning at the same time.

2004-2005  Incheon Public Schools   Incheon, South Korea 400-833

  • Curriculum Development Specialist/Teacher
  • Created learning materials for the Jump into English program, and Teacher’s Training.
  • Designed lesson plans for students and teachers all over Korea to become comfortable in speaking technical, business and idiomatic English.

2003-2004        Bridgeport Hope School            Bridgeport, CT  06604

  • Science/Math Curriculum Development/Teacher grades 5-8
  • Using the Core Curriculum Materials and state requirements, developed a program for students to build their skill-sets using activity based group learning.
  • Students made models of atoms, dissected leaves, investigated number theory applications, and practiced oral presentations from PowerPoint presentations.

2001-2003        Pitney Bowes         Stamford, CT 06926

  • Technical Food Service Manager
  • Developed and implemented a database using Foodtrak, an industry software application.
  • Developed vendor and item properties, which matched Carefree2.0 on the cash registers.
  • Developed and maintained ways to requisition, purchase, invoice and inventory 3500 items.
  • Generated and interpreted reports, Excel spread sheets with absolute referencing, wrote recipes, technical manuals, PowerPoint signs and menu boards, and organized report archives.
  • Troubles hooted run time errors using DOS and Windows 2000 to fix flaws in the FoodTrak software, which used Microsoft Access97, MDAC, to compact and repair the database.
  • Programmed and troubleshooted Carefree2.0 and FoodTrak, so that both would interface.

2000-2001        Bridgeport Public Schools        Bridgeport, CT  06604

  • Mathematics Certified 9–12 BEST program teacher, portfolio successfully completed
  • Used TI-83 extensively to develop problem solving skills in Algebra Ⅰ,Ⅱ classes
  • Taught three sections of Geometry using manipulative and co-operative learning
  • Used the internet for data and interactive mathematics for projects and modeling,

1999-2001        University of New Haven        New Haven, CT  06516

  • Professor of Mathematics
  • Two sections of Mathematics M103, College Algebra
  • Counseled and mentored students as an advisor

1998-1999        Branford Public School            Branford, CT  06405

  • BEST program Mathematics teacher
  • Three sections of at risk Algebra 1
  • Passed a CT required video of 10 teaching competencies in one attempt
  • Part-time adult education teacher for GED students

1995-1999        University of Bridgeport            Bridgeport, CT  06604

  • Professor of Mathematics
  • Part-time professor of Math 100 and Math 105
  • International students with individualized education programs


  • 1999 Continuing Graduate Credits in Management, Learning Theory
  • 1997 Masters of Science in Mathematics (minor in Computer Science) SCSU
  • 1988 Masters of Arts in Education, UTS
  • 1986 Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering, Sociology, and Psychology, Excelsior
  • Overall GPA 3.4


  • Teaching with Graphing Calculators,
  • Teaching with Geometer’s Sketchpad,
  • Teaching Number Theory at all Levels,
  • Creative Problem Solving Strategies,
  • Teaching AP Calculus,
  • Teaching AP Statistics,
  • Classroom Management Strategies,
  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conferences 1993-200*
Technology in the Classroom
  • Lesson Plans with Geometer’s Sketch-Pad, MET, Algebraic Proposer, MAPLE v5r4, TI-84
  • Statistical analysis with SAS, MINITAB, EXCEL 2000, TI-83+
  • Modeled population growth in China, Regressed seasonal changes with market trends
  • Random variables using Pascal; DOS games with BASIC; TI-84, BASIC, PASCAL, C++, HTML;
  • PowerPoint, Adobe Creative Suite5.5; Utilized Flash, DirectX, and sound to create multimedia presentation


E-commerce, writing HTML, presentation graphics, health and fitness,  movies,  swimming.


  • Step 7, Masters +15, Negotiable – $42,000~

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