James Reid White
James Reid White

Welcome to the website of Professional Insurance Agent James Reid White of Fairfield, Connecticut.

James is currently employed with Combined Insurance of America. James has been licensed in Connecticut to sell Insurance since 2003 – License # 984631

If you’re employed, and have major medical insurance or HuskyMedicaid, James can provide you with supplemental protection from the FIRST DAY if you are sick or hurt, up to $12,000! Contact him now to learn more.

James is a highly qualified educator for over 14 years with a Masters of Arts in Education, Masters of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science. He has been a resident of Fairfield for over 6 years, and has lived all around the country, and internationally. He has diverse talents in a number of fields. All his consultations are free, and without obligation.

Currently, he offers many valuable free services. What’s most amazing about him, is that when people are in need, he goes the extra mile to ensure that they are well cared for.

As a mortgage and insurance professional, his financial experience has helped many to save money with his important monetary management tips. He has cured many with his natural healing remedies.

Thanks for visiting, feel free to read his bio, contact him, or check out his résumé.


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